The Shifting of the Poles

by David F. Bello

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released August 1, 2003

Everything by David F. Bello



all rights reserved


David F. Bello New York

I sing for The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. This is my solo project.

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Track Name: Better Off
she can have yr father try to scare me
as much as she wants but i wont back off
and i can break my legs on yr front porch
falling out yr window at night

you dont scare me as much as you used to
ive gotten used to what you throw at me
and believe me its worth every bit of it

the words you write down in yr notebook
will never be abt me but i can tell
for sure that i hold a better place
Track Name: The Next Circle
you can have custody
whatever you said to me
doesnt mean anything
i read too much into things

just give me back
the cds i leant you
because im moving to pittsburgh
next june i swear
ill come back to visit
but ill never get around
to seeing you

ive got this hope
that just wont fall off
im shaking and shaking
but i can still see it
its just gonna hit me again
its just gonna stab me again
its just gonna scrape me hollow again

pretty soon
im just gonna be a hollowed rind
man is not a piece of fruit
but i cant peel you out of my mind

pretty soon well die in this car
if you dont look where were going
watch the road
i dont plan on passing in the passing lane
of yr shark tailed rotting machine
watch the road
Track Name: Ice Skater
it always seems like i pick a delicious apple
but then the apple always takes a bit out of me
oh come on make my stomach ache again
like it used to when youd kick me hard

and when youd talk abt older boys
arent they all just so much cooler than me
in their parents houses
those animals!

you turned me down
you turned me down this avenue

im at my best when ignoring yr very existence
or at the next level
hurting you with sarcasm and knives
maybe ill finally be happy when i move away
and maybe in that new city

ill put my foot in a whole new beartrap
that has different colored hair than you
and a whole
new name!

you keep fighting and fighting each other
ice skater!
boot to the head in the convenience store window
ice skater!
switch from one girl i want to another
ice skater!
with a friend

i came here alone!
ice skater!
Track Name: Everyone Looks and Sounds Just Like You
i wanna vomit on yr
black t shirts
that advertise metal bands

the children you
concieved in 9th grade
in football stands

the mall is breathing
with motley heavings
of crowd interraction

metal belt girls
hairdye colors guaged ears
lick winter tire traction

break me out another
bottle i
havent started buzzing yet

youll be a policeman
the way you give orders
ill take that bet

that in twenty minutes
ill be right in this

thinner and younger and better
youd better
start the count

at the bottom of the barrel
...ill sit with my friends
at the bottom of the barrel
...ill count my blessings
always look on the bright side of life!
...not just the ends
at the bottom of the barrel
...count me in

now that youve gained weight
and been to prison
i hope youve learned a lot

cause im still jealous
and fat and lazy and stupid and useless and drunk and ugly
and my forehead is hot

what have i given
just to be able to say
that i am closer

to being alive
with nothing left
but herzog and the idiot
Track Name: I'll Regret You for This
the fun we couldve had
what couldve been

i swear on my mothers grave
someday ill be dancing on yr grave

ill regret you for this
Track Name: Blow up the Moon
im knocking but you cant hear me
i miss you more than i miss my family
if you wont visit at least call me

theres nothing i want more
ill keep knocking even if you arent home
theres nothing i want more
ill keep knocking even if yr out with him

were knocking but you cant hear us
my knuckles bleed from beating on wood
you wont answer but oh i wish you would

theres nothing i want more
ill keep trying toy with me until i break
theres nothing i want more
for gods sake!

butterfly wings and feather tune
make me wanna blow up the moon
i am a red and killing moon
i am dead and born anew
Track Name: I Don't Remember the Alamo
i need to stop doing this to myself
i need to stop doing this to you

i want to twist off my throat
the bottle opener snapped
too weak to do its job
from overusing for that

my liver can thank me later
gratitude for a quick painless death
my heart is a different story
i apologize for drawing it out
its years of clogged vessels
and clotting for kicks
its taking its toll
and making me sick with guilt

when my eyelids crack
at the venetian dawn
the peeled back exposition
of confusion takes its turn

i need to stop doing this to myself
and thus stop doing it to you

keep punching me
i dont deserve to wake up
i dont want sympathy
and i dont want to seem
for my lips cant move mountains
or do a single thing

im sorry i cant remember
you can count the number of times
ive tried to kill myself
on the back of my left hand
but the right is always there
to fight off any harm
like the friend you dont know how to thank
or the ringing smoke alarm

it woke me up and hit me
for wrongs i have caused
i cant take back
the things i made you saw

i dont deserve to know
the religion youve become
i dont deserve to find
the divine sum

ill write out my will
in the blood ill spill
trying to make it up to you

and the scars on my wrist
are added to the list
the only ways i learn
to make it up to you

i need to stop doing this to you
im sorry
Track Name: Codename
lets keep this to ourselves
well watch the neighbors whisper
it takes a lot to do these things
it tastes a lot like its bitter

without these crutches i cant walk
make sure the front door is locked
admit on first question to a mouth
but somehow its me whos always ratted out
good or bad happy or sad

im gonna have to take away
the spoon in the box
that you hide from the cops
im gonna have to move away
from the house where you sleep
its a needle so deep
im gonna have to sneak away
from the words that you speak
in a voice no more than a squeak
im gonna have to stay
in the bends of yr arms
we have the same trackmarks
Track Name: The Shifting of the Poles
if i seem bitter
i guess thats because i am

i cant wait until i get to college
but i wish i couldve afforded
to study abroad

i need to put as much land
and water in between us
as if i still believed in god

ill pray for a miracle
for him to raise you from the dead
so i can kill you again
the wrists are scabbing over
Track Name: We Make Electrons Dance
in yr car on the way to school
take pictures in the park
numbers written on a bench
cry at how they look so familiar

when a slow song comes on
the disco ball is spinning
sending light around the cafeteria
sitting on the toilet
crying at the locked window
whos taking over when you go?

ask him yrself if at all
but if all goes wrong its still yr fault
everyone still loves you
except for those who hate you
lough out loud when they spit at you
my voice goes unheard

everyone before you
everyone to come
this cycle wont end
this cycle is too dumb
ive ruined every friendship
i have ever had
this cycle wont end
because i am too dumb