Landlords Dance

by David F. Bello

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released April 20, 2011

written and recorded by david f bello
mastered by sean gibat
photos by jarrod curry
except photo of dfb by andy pickens


all rights reserved



David F. Bello New York

I sing for The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. This is my solo project.

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Track Name: To begin with a request made in vain
We all want to see the lord, but he's not real
Track Name: Barefoot Gold
Gambling machines at KMart, and a hopped-up kid says the F-word all night, like a baby farts. I can tell by the look on your face that you're going to hell with your barefoot gold, your nightgown, with twinkles in your eyes and a broom in your hand. This really is the better life. There's a chandelier and a buzz-in door with stinky eyes and a buzzard lip, Kanye West convenience store. I can tell where you're coming from, but the loops and the wings and the chicken-fried potatoes set me up with a haggled rise of the tips and the tip. You gave the waitress a five. I can see where you're coming from with your fucked up eggs and a plastic guitar.
Track Name: Treeth
...and I sing your praises in the night, because in the daytime, girl, you aren't even real.
Track Name: Darwin's Face
In the trees, look like rain. Carbon science, so they explain. Got this power. Darwin's face. Solid gold bust with his name floating up fifteen or twenty feet. Calling on one's god, calling on one's brain, it's what you got.
Track Name: Release/Breathe
Electric highway lines, surrounded air passage. I'm running aimlessly and approaching an edge. Blue light encompasses all I've ever known. My past comes back to greet at the point where air meets bone. I can't breathe.
Track Name: I Said I Can Say What I Want
I can say anything that I want. When I bite my tongue, I know you're not there. I said, I'll say what I want.
Track Name: TB Comes to Silly Fort
The streets reflect the candles in the windows of your father's victorian home. Inside, the smell of cigarettes and wine overpowers the filth. Because your voice is louder than any sound, it's too bad your throat bleeds more than my ears. Your egyptian eyes are focused on the crowd. I'm one of your fans, but I'm closer to you than the rest. Here's a handkerchief. Cover your sweet mouth. Your lungs are your gift, don't you dare ruin it. Tiny specks of red dot the cotton. A full year of marriage before I'm left alone. Sing, my precious sweet, before I'm left alone, one more honest note, before I'm left alone. We'll put perfume in your coffin to preserve you for eternity. Spilled on rocks above your grave and in the bottle next to me in the gutter.
Track Name: Fundit
Track Name: Any Precious City in the World
Don't wanna look like you're tired. Don't wanna look like you're sick. You don't wanna catch up on your wires. You don't wanna get that kind of break. Any kind of city in the world. Any precious city in the world.
Track Name: Burn up in Car
Tell the waterfall to fuck itself. I'm getting too wet. You make me tired like a seagull. I wanna stick you with a needle. I hope you burn up in that fucking car. I hope when you crashed you had your seatbelt on and now you can't get out of it. When the ambulance driver talks on the news, her head is shaking. When your mother finds out I hope she pisses herself screaming. You gave the world AIDS at a party. It only worked because everyone thinks that you're pretty. This is all just a disappointment. I tell myself that. I'm buying a guitar with money that I don't even have, sighs the thunderclap, the wheel you made inside a computer lab. You're looking at a condom at the bottom of the stairs like you're driving on the sidewalk and pretending not to care.
Track Name: The Alumnist
It's just like the summer before junior year. There's not a hummingbird sipping Coors from my ear. Only the best for whomever I test to be next, but I'm all out of ideas for how to sell the rejects. I'm too old for this. Maybe in the future, I'll kill all my friends. They're too good. They're too much. Acting like it's the end of tenth grade all over again, but it's not 2002. My wife ran off when our son turned two, and unless you start visiting and talking to me like you want to, fuck you, I'll see you in twenty years. I hope it's more.
Track Name: Chrong
Track Name: Decker's Pond One
When you wake up on this Christmas Eve and you send emails like the blood is deep, from the heat of a bed, you can turn the needs. Hairy blankets are on and the springs are cheap. With a single tear for your mother's time, you will garnish the flowing drink with lime. Try to keep a hold of a magic wand, so we travel through time into Decker's Pond.
Track Name: I Know This
With my fingers on half of your face, let's take a walk and get out of my place. It's a little like talking to kids. Shame on everyone who knows about this. You think it's just fucking fine to appear, taking notes on my mental unrest. Keeping all of these numbers up here is like finding lumps at the heart of your breast. Don't you think I know this? Don't you think I know what you're doing here?
Track Name: Drugs
My mother told me not to take drugs but I'll do them with you, talking science at night in the warm bedroom light at the northernmost tip of the moon. If you're going to the mall, then take me. Take me there.

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