David F. Bello and His God​-​Given Right EP

by David F. Bello

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Released in 2013 on cassette by Broken World Media
Available for purchase on Broken World Media's Big Cartel page

Artwork by Derrick Shanholtzer-Dvorak


released June 6, 2007

songs written by david f. bello
recorded by brian spragg in morgantown, wv

david f. bello - vocals/guitar
dylan balliett - guitar/keyboard
pat manzi - keyboard/bass
kyle vass - bass/keyboard
trey curtis - drums



all rights reserved


David F. Bello New York

I sing for The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. This is my solo project.

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Track Name: Terminate
im gonna drink until my brain cells
wont let me remember where i am
and who brought me here

and im gonna smoke enough drugs
to kill off every little memento
that you left between my ears

yr dead to me
an enemy of all thats good on this earth
and if im alive in 2029
ill send a robot back to prevent yr birth

and if i have to pull another dead body
out of a bathtub to remind me
of who you really want

and if i hear another song with the line
"you dont care about me"
then ill van gogh the birthmarked one
Track Name: 180
if the world is burning down
thats fine, thats fine
if yr calling to cancel our plans
thats fine, thats fine

neighbors are cool

dont talk to my parents

the nautilus shell

neighbors are cool
if they dont talk to my parents

thats fine
Track Name: Remember the Alamo
i pushed you and you pushed me
lets meet soon in italy
well decide the fate of the world in gold and glass

well make up our minds and make up our clothes
to make us look like scary ghosts
to frighten all the students who come here for sex

the morning burns the hair off my body
i memorize it for lines to repeat

weigh me down with integrity
and then set fire to gravity
it turns to gas and you just float away

my feet are black with mud of mud
and dust becomes of who you loved
to sit with and talk about your day
Track Name: Pull Yr Pigtails
you might as well have
stuck the bottle in my mouth
and thrown the gun in the ohio
from the window i knocked out

whats good for me
is whats good for me
this isnt
water torture

pull yr pigtails
scalp you clean to the bone
the collection of scars on the backs of my hands

with the amount of liqour i consume because of you
you should invest in alcohol
shake hands with mr daniels
youd be rich

ill tear that radio tower down
with just a hammer and my bare hands
Track Name: Two (La La La)
and you said to me, "will you remember me when yr famous?"
and i said to you "ill never be famous
b/c im nothing if not honest
and ill always be nothing
i can see myself at 30 w/ a wife and some kid and a house and a car
and i dont think
that i really wanna die there
but i dont think ive got a choice
b/c we have to lie where we make the bed as boys

handjobs are for the immature and in high school


i wanna go to the wedding
of the girl i had a crush on in 3rd grade
and get real drunk and get real mad and
get in a fight with the best man's dad