A Collection of Songs Written Between 1985 and 2003

by David F. Bello

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Onat Önol Some gorgeous lo-fi bliss! Favorite track: Remember the Alamo.
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released April 1, 2003

Everything by David F. Bello, except where noted as follows:

Jim Stealey:
Drums - Walt Disney's Frozen Head, Remember the Alamo, Mystery Title Influence, and Clarisse.
Additional Guitar - Mystery Title Influence.
Back-up vocals - Walt Disney's Frozen Head and Clarisse.

Joel Mueller:
Bass - Walt Disney's Frozen Head, Remember the Alamo, and Clarisse.
Additional Guitar - A New Brand of Leader
Back-up vocals - Walt Disney's Frozen Head and Clarisse.

We were once a pop-punk band called Mr. Gerald Ford.



all rights reserved


David F. Bello New York

I sing for The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. This is my solo project.

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Track Name: Walt Disney's Frozen Head
i just wish i was strong enough to steal a star
id write a map to your house and load the trunk of my car
i couldn't even lift my eyes
to sign up for organ donor lies

for future generations to study my mistakes

was i too weak was i overly nice
to find that out please put my head on ice
when im done with brain
it couldnt hurt to donate
Track Name: Remember the Alamo
i pushed you and you pushed me
lets meet soon in italy
well decide the fate of the world in gold and glass

well make up our minds and make up our clothes
to make us look like scary ghosts
to frighten all the students who come here for sex

the morning burns the hair off my body
i memorize it for lines to repeat

weigh me down with integrity
and then set fire to gravity
it turns to gas and you just float away

my feet are black with mud of mud
and dust becomes of who you loved
to sit with and talk about your day
Track Name: Close to Safety
is it comforting to know
ill always be underneath
this ragged man will
catch you if you fall

like the job behind he desk
that you never wanted
but you had to take because
you couldnt get a job in the movies
but seattle is too far
when you cant even start your car
without the keys
im gripping in my hand

you bought my arms from the doctor
but my hands were empty
i didnt leave you
a thing in my will

i never wanted to
say these rotten things to you
but i guess i have to
since you wont be around to hear them
this city is too new
and theres no one around like you
but if there were id be
too afraid to meet them

it hits too close to home

my hair is falling out
ive settled for less
unhappiness was cheap
my fears they float beside you
Track Name: Mystery Title Influence
im going back to my hometown
to run away from my problems here
your eyes are chaning color
what will they be like next year

if you shaved your head
and lost your legs
youd be the most beautiful sympathy
in the whole wide world
i wonder how many divorces
ill get when i grow up
it all depends on if we
learn from our mistakes
Track Name: Stop at Home
i only attend parties for the oppurtunity
to steal alcohol
i get out as fast as possible
to get home and sit against my wall
and drink...

your book brought me closer
so deep inside
i saw remnants of others
alone so long they died
i breathed your blood like water
i drowned in red fluid
but brown and clear dragged me near
and made me do it

i dont go to stores for shopping
i steal magazines to read
i hate publications
the words are what i need
to read...
Track Name: Clarisse
your silhouette glows in the negative
i breathe your lies
because thats who you are
a liar
i want to die
on fire

thats how i imagined
thats how i saw it
i wanna go out with you
in a blaze of glory

ill break your heart
with my bare hands
ill let you go once im gone
i didnt believe it but now i do
i wanna get over you
but i gave up on the impossible

no matter what it takes
if death is the answer
i guess ill kill us both
let us both die now
if we leave at the same time
well meet in the exit
well meet in the fire door
alarms and fireworks
sprinklers will never stop us now
Track Name: Dirt / The Birds
call me up on a hot summer evening
maybe ill answer your letters
call me up on a hot summer spring
maybe ill answer your letters

driving a bus in ontario
and cutting hair in the back
for dead drifters and dead school boys
for fifty cents and a ciggarette or some meth

cooking dust in your mamas oven
breakin bones at minimum wages
mangled wires sit in a clump on the floor
answer the door for the customer

staying up late later than i should
i like destroying things just because theyre good

wish youd meet me at school so i dont have to go home
im scared of my bed and the voice in my room
it talks from the foot of my bed in the night
i wish it would go when i turn out the light
but it stays

i wish you would kiss me on the lids of my eyes
because as long as theyre closed i can ignore the size
of the cyst that is growing on your right cheek
ill heal you with rocks from our hidden creek
where we stay

maybe the sun hates you enough to explode
and kill all the other women ive never met
youre jealous and green with an envious load
that twelve oclock sees when watches are set
but dont stay

sinners dont wake from the naps that they take
they keep dreaming and dreaming until its all fake
cultures burn up in vernacular stews
and obsolescence grows in what you dont use

swallow the empties to remove any claim
so no one can name any names that can name
the sounds that you heard when you were twelve or fourteen
that disappeared and are
Track Name: A New Brand of Leader
my guitar doesnt speak english and neither do i
it supercedes language it does not speak or cry
it can do more than communicate
it can kill with one note
it takes talent but practice compensates
i can do it but i dont mean to gloat

drop your cross and jump the fence
follow me into the wilderness

get your twisted self back in your cage
filed on my shelf and on my taxes
as a dependent
i take of you
when guests come by
i guess ill have to dress you
Track Name: Real Estate
you are a home
i own the deed
youre eyes are sharp and bloodsoaked knives
that never forgive me

lean over stairs
come on in here
youre welcome all the time but dont cut in line
i cant see to steer

i spit through bleading lips
that i love you too much
broken hands cant write songs and when they do theyre all wrong
they never say what i want

im sorry
for ever writing songs about you
i should never play guitar again
Track Name: Saturday Nights are Good for Nothing (Remix)
youre another mans slave now and im all alone
youre another mans meat now anothers possession
i dont need another excuse to crush my phone
crushed between my fists im no vegetarian

i pray someday someone will come
and load and fire a gun
into my head so i wont
have to wake up on sunday

sundays are always the worst
Track Name: Gifts and Products
take him to movies
take him anywhere
make him compliment
your choice in hair

you dont even have to ask me
for anything you need
ill buy you televisions
and the books you read

forget it im hopeless
my cuts dont close up
id like to reopen them
i havent had enough

my needs are plenty
and my ideals aren't real
fantastic relations
that i cant feel

and i spoke with the devil
and he told me some things
i can be the man you want
the man who sings

and so every night now
i play my guitar
and you sing backup
together were gonna go far
Track Name: Saturday Nights are Good for Nothing
youre another mans slave now and im all alone
youre another mans meat now anothers possession
i dont need another excuse to crush my phone
crushed between my fists im no vegetarian

i pray someday someone will come
and load and fire a gun
into my head so i wont
have to wake up on sunday

sundays are always the worst
Track Name: Supermen
i can breathe now that your arms arent held around my neck
i can walk now that your chains arent locked around my legs

eviction isnt a word i can pronounce since you cut out my tongue
diction isnt a skill i possess now that we dont talk to each other

computers and technology aren't signs of the future
were all headed to the dinosaurs graves

love is an antiquity that weve bred like miniature horses
its back will break form any weight and fate cant help

put that many knives into the wall socket outlets
we can end intelligence if we try too hard

my fingers arent moving fast enough to replace my mouth and speak to you
your hair spills out more words than i could ever dream to say to you through wires

my throat doesnt acknowledge your ignorance
but it still wont let me swallow food
i havent slept in months because of you
i blame you for my suffering
Track Name: Rex Applegate
i can be charming
if i need to be charming
tell me of others
like me and my brothers
and those whove dissappeared
ive already heard what im about to hear
feline attempts to stop me
are merely futility

meet me so i can tell you
what has happened to the past
at the pier, at a quarter after eight
meet me, babe, by the gate
ill tell you tales of jealousy
unspoken taboos and mystery
the only hint youve ever had
was a simple sense of joking mad

hang me after dark
in our house in our tree by our park
watch as i twist against the bark
i scrape my throat but im so stark
Track Name: Wreck
id love to whisper words into your grave
but i know that you will never hear
a single word that i would think to say
they all just clog up in your rotting ear

ill keep the photos i never took of you
and scorch the edges to mock time
clocks are nothing but spinning wheels
with number that dont add up to nine

in the future others will use your name in songs
but theyll never know just how you felt
the list of writers grows long
and the world will soon forget

someday i will go back to school
and read a book about ressurrection
and if it doesnt bring you back to me
ill burn it and borrow another one

your memory wont survive out of this bedroom door
you died with your body and soon ill die with mine
no one will remember your face anymore
and selfishly to me that sounds fine

and ill sing every song i ever wrote
because my dear theyre all about you
and as i stare up at the bottom of the boat
ill gurgle your name if its the last thing i ever do