Vicious Rumors EP

by David F. Bello

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released January 1, 2007

Everything by David F. Bello



all rights reserved


David F. Bello New York

I sing for The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. This is my solo project.

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Track Name: Cadillac is Foley
theres no soul, this is soulless

i dont know what im supposed to say
but a billion older people can do it the right way
one get stoned, one does origami
is there something to excapism for me?

this is the only thing that makes me work
this is the only thing that makes me work
ive got yr piss on my fingers
ive got yr piss on my fingers

there was never a girl that liked the boy who liked her
there was never a girl that walked with me to the ymca
she didn't have a heart
she was not made of gold
and no, she's not listed, no

if you break what i fix and you make it get sick
if i clap, if you laugh and you break it in half
come back and carve up a switch
i hit you with it, yr a snitch
Track Name: Two
la la, la la la
la la la la

and you said to me, "will you remember me
when yr famous?"
and i said to you "ill never be famous
b/c im nothing if not honest
and ill always be nothing
i can see myself at 30 w/ a wife and some kid
and a house and a car and i dont think
that i really wanna die there
but i dont think ive got a choice
b/c we have to lie where we make the bed as boys

handjobs are for the immature and in high school


i wanna go to the wedding
of the girl i had a crush on in 3rd grade
and get real drunk and get real mad and
get in a fight with the best man's dad
Track Name: Balls
at 20 yrs old, what can you know?
what can you claim to be?
highways and war, some old drunken whore
yr future is plain as song to see
working at hechingers, building a deck and yr
not gonna make it that way
with an idiot plan, that no one understand
or at least they dont, so you say

"fuck this town, fuck the music scene
and fuck all my friends who dont understand
fuck learning and tests of discipline and patience
i want to prove to myself
that im a man"

whiskey and reds, unmade beds
kerouac, dylan, and alt-country rock
a small fish in a smaller pond
is no way to go when oppurtunity knocks
if man is defined by poverty and wine
then why would you want that, you fool?
i know youll regret, but its what you get
with the decision to drop out of school
and say...
Track Name: One
do these things!:
-watch lovers crumble and do nothing abt it
-slip on a banana peel so brown that no one will laugh
-be more glad than ever that you just called
-tell everyone i am gona kill myself but then keep
goin on as if nothing happened
-IF i ever stop drinkin THEN go back in time, and
use 3x less the cocaine
-become that guy (yes, THAT guy!)
-waste my life with art
-fill the empty spaces in my heart with worthless bits of
academia and overwraught images of fading beauty
-accept the notion that i am no longer anyone's son, and
i will one day become a father only to find my own son
temporary. at 20 he will grow out of love and any kind
of caring for the things that actually do matter
-hurt the only people who care for me
-hurt everyone who ever cared for me
-hurt everyone who ever one day may care for me
-convince the one that mattered once that everyone is shit,
and that everything they love is broken,
everything they love is dead; and that THE TALL TREE
I PISSED ON OUT OF SPITE is only a mirror facing a
mirror or some other cliched bullshit that's supposed
to represent real emotion
(Oh, and by the way, the world will never end.
The polar ice caps are not melting, and they will
not shift for millions of years.)
-remember that i once held a deep faith in something called
God! it really meant something, and probably still does
-forget that one day i lost my way and found a new way
and got lost again and just gave up/sat down/pissed my name
in the dirt/wept blood in the name of christ for all
who suffer in the name of anything that has a name
-lie abt my past!
-realize that anytime i have a real emotional reaction
to anything i cover it up w/ somethin to say that is
vacant and boring and irrelevant
-stab! the musicians behind all bad songs
-stab! the writers behind all bad books
-stab! the painters behind all the bad paintings
and stab myself for pretending to be important too!
-stop whining
-stop writing songs abt not even writing songs anymore
-stop writing songs
Track Name: (Under) The Boardwalk
i could sit
around all day
telling myself
that if i was a girl
i would like me
ive got
such a sweet personality

and i
i could
my house

fillin my head
with broken spikes
straws of caking life
unfilled trays of food
and cartons of milk
without cost or debt
at the shelter

and i
i could
my skin

wearing the same
clothes since last month
buyin a sandwich
every few weeks
my mother comes to visit
but my father
he wont

and i
i could
my skill

of pressing buttons
to call him up
but you know i wont
because im a fool
ive never been a man
my heart is a boy
who's been buried in the sand

and i
i could
be covered, covered, covered
by the sea

by the sea!
by the tides!
the moon pulls the blanket over my eyes
that see no more!
ill never leave this shore!
its up to my nose!
my eyelids begin to close!
Track Name: Three
the water in the sink
is as bad as the water in the toilet
but filters and bottles
cant keep it from you

im not talkin abt the sea level yet
but i have a feelin
i will be
in a minute or two

its not like i wasnt born in a hospital
its not like i wasnt punched by the doctor
until i screamed a first breath test
my lungs worked then and they do now

but what does it matter
if one day the sun will explode?
our moon will count
rhythm in tides
but not in any beat
that the beaches can hold
its then that the oceans
will reach the tops of the mountains!
its then, then, then.

diggin up the bones of yr own people
will eventually make you consider yr own mortality
and at some point youll question the methods
yr leaders have chosen to use, and their morality

theres a vicious rumor goin round
that the earth will last forever!
tell yrself it was the chemical companies
and thank them when you get cancer
its then that the oceans
will reach the tops of the mountains!
its then, then, then.
Track Name: Out of Ideas
its like ive been sittin here
cryin in my beer
for the past 6 years
for the past 6 years!

i can always attract and awkward crowd
of girls to push around
that i can use if i get deperate
and i know ill never have to pay for it

when the lights go out,
and the sea overflows,
ill be out of ideas

ill confess all that i feel
if you admit hes out of yr field
im throwin out all the trash
im savin up my cash
to bob hope some fresh jokes
i can pass off and emote