My Bare Hands

by David F. Bello

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Everything by David F. Bello, except where noted.


released June 1, 2004

Everything by David F. Bello, except where noted.



all rights reserved


David F. Bello New York

I sing for The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. This is my solo project.

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Track Name: Grow Yr Hair
i dont wanna be some perfect person
with perfect hair and sick pillow lips
under chipped hole shoulders
with a tan that looks violent

you cant help me shut up shut up
i can help you with a sawed off a sawed off

i remember when yr hula-hoop earrings
got caught in the bloodstained doorjamb
gears shift and tangle wires
batteries short and start fires
Track Name: Vows
i used to feel like apologizing
but i think by the end of the night
well have settled both of our debts
and our paths will have been set right

ive been asking for this
since the day i learned to speak
its time i learned my lesson
what ive sowed is just what ill reap

while my neck is wide open
spill my blood on the carpet
it goes well with all the other
stains on the floor by yr bed

break my legs with a hammer
start at the knees and go from there
ignore my screams of protest
just tie me down and pull my hair
Track Name: Pull yr Pigtails
you might as well have
stuck the bottle in my mouth
and thrown the gun in the ohio
from the window i knocked out

whats good for me
is whats good for me
this isnt
water torture

pull yr pigtails
scalp you clean to the bone
the collection of scars on the backs of my hands

with the amount of liqour i consume because of you
you should invest in alcohol
shake hands with mr daniels
youd be rich

ill tear that radio tower down
with just a hammer and my bare hands
Track Name: Joining the Circus
i met a girl from asia and i give her all she eats
i froze her in my freezer next to my uneaten meats
i dont care what rules she breaks as long as shes home by nine
the trenchcoat men and their slicked back hair are no business of mine

any time you want a peek just cue up next in line
im letting children in all week only for just a dime
babies floating in a jar of bathtub wine
and a beast with two young backs eating old pickle brine

at least until college im stuck with the knowledge
that you can do all the things that i cant do
and when you take over thats when ill makeover my face
and shave off my beard
Track Name: O.T.B.
lets reenact the civil war
after we drink our bellies sore
with your fathers moonshine
where the little boy died
after playing with a broken power line

in the first place
i come in second place
but i will not wait for third

all those lines on your counter
white like those on the road
the dog went back to where we found her
since we didnt feed it well
where did our money go?

the mailman is a narc
he reads our magazines
he doesnt get modern art
and he hates us
because we drink gasoline
Track Name: Cement Mixer
there are 3 wonderful pictures
of your awful face
stuck to the glass of my dresser

and if you call me
because you want them back
ill tear those suckers down
and put em in a mailsack

hearts are never broken
skin stays in one place
in dreams where the stairs
go down at an angle

the walls are silly
and the lights are burning white sticks
i am cement
turned back into water and mix

when you pour me
ill be dry
Track Name: Bad News
golf courses are only empty at night
you dont expect us to do this around golfers
country club life doesnt mingle well with this
the creek water bubbles and the muddy streets fall
street signs and an empty plastic bag
that used to be filled with teenage supplies
some stolen and one or two bought
the rest given as gifts

if you can forgive her problem
then you can forgive mine
if you can let her keep breathing
then i can change your mind

neighborhood streets are empty of life
and cars dont drive around thees back streets
oh and when they do we just jump in a bush
on a lawn where somebody lives
no it doesnt matter
no it doesnt matter
how long it takes to walk home after
no it doesnt matter
no it doesnt matter

i am friendly i swear i mean no harm
mother mother let go of our arms

we can be good for each other

in six years we can move or we can stay here
its up to you its up to you
i think they can be satisfied

backpacks weighed down so heavy
cross the creek
cross the creek
cross the creek
jump and land
we love rushing breaking rules
run a little faster
run a little faster
run a little faster
hold my hand

we could live in sin
Track Name: Monument
children can run
through the tombstones
without worrying about
hitting someone alive

the clues all point to
that one strange girl who
wear 15 belts across her chest
yes i heard she plays music at night

the only only way to know for sure
if youre holding out alright
is to count your blessings
multiply by ten
and forget the number
and press send


talk to coffins
theyll answer you
soon enough
maybe youll
hear the right words

gimme another reason to
break pine pine straight through
i will give
freedom to you

make up your mind
throw me a hand
anything less would be
better than this

please move
i want you back
come back to life!
Track Name: Mountains and Valleys
i hope everyones day goes better than yours will
because tonight when you cry itll be on my shoulder
too complex and unsettled to work a dayjob
and this city is just too safe for me to rob

the bowling ball running through this house
is just a wrecking ball telling me about
a trapdoor in the stage
to a world of undetermined age
in the valley of the ribcage

a computer couldnt spit out results about tonight
there are too many variables to get a single thing right
on the eve of a friday while it still rains
ill ask and ill ask and ill ask until it gains

yank the chains
bring my blood in a rag
to my lips

so that when they come back
it wont be such and easy victory
Track Name: Forest Fires
when you move to nc
and park your van by the beach
burn your pickup truck
and cook my flesh in the fire

but only eat the
parts that you touched
while i lived throw my bowels in the fire
feed the bear on my
lifeless body
his diet can suffer mauling whats left of me

va told me the woods are on fire
and theres no way to put it away
i can smell the trees are burning
in the woods in the walls in the bus
in the windows on the highway

maybe now i can finally stop writing these song
with words i used to derive your name
from hints of letters and inside jokes
only i would recognize

the only difference
between me and you
is i love math and you own a calculator
mountainous tops of purple
connecting the ends of the circle

anyone can have you
if anyone can meet you
its only a matter of time before im just a word
on the burnt cds you dont listen to
anymore since he buys them for you
Track Name: Turning the Tables
the boats speeding away
is not just another hunter
who doesnt know
where nature gives its place

the half-red arrow
coming from my chest
is just another way
to pull the hook from my face

im like an open book
with no cover
and just
a rope for a spine

up on a glass shelf
just high enough
to meet
your eyes

you always give me the last word
but look whos talking now

if those two
mess this up for me this time
i guess ill just
have to kill them

because this
is the last chance
to do something
productive before bedtime

and if the hallways clear
and you wont tell your best friend
then i
can join the ranks

of crystal-smoking rednecks
and pill-swallowing bullies
into goth
and living with their parent
Track Name: Chest and Shirt
ill find a way
to reincarnate you
ill carry you in my womb
all the way home from work

when the power went out
and the streets were filled
we bought our water and drank our milk
it made our bodies work

if you can swallow up everything
like reverse physical theory
matter will not matter
and printed words will stop

ill keep your empty wallet
in bearing weighted dirt
in metal silly lockets
between my chest and shirt

dont try so hard
to be yourself
this will be the last song
id ever want you to hear

ive got the ears
in my belly
they hear you sing and talk to me
i learn their language
Track Name: Inherit the Earth
ive got thirty days
the medicine i take
gives me away

ive got twenty days
to find a way to say
weve got aids

ive got some days
so shake me awake

yr just a skeleton in a t shirt now
with a muscle-lined heart
i hope yr bones still think im funny
when i pull them apart

and shove you back in the closet
of yr hospital room
so i cant hear the laughter
ringing through the tomb

i hope you die someday soon