Claw School Future

by David F. Bello

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released January 1, 2008

Everything by David F. Bello



all rights reserved


David F. Bello New York

I sing for The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. This is my solo project.

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Track Name: As I Close Them
i always make out
with my eyes wide open
because the girl always disappears
everytime i close them

your hearts so small it cant fit me in
your schedule is so tight it cant fit me in

youre fit, tan, and tattooed
can you tell im starin at you
im lookin up and down that tanktop
like its a flight of stairs
can you hear me a-wishin
to accomplish the mission
i wanna put my fingers in
the panties that you wear
Track Name: Broken Emery Board (Pt. 2)
thanks for selling me drugs
when your boyfriend got them
and thanks for giving me a good deal

thanks for not telling me
about how you love him
and thanks for acting like we are real

i pretend enough for 200 pink elephants
my eyes are fires that burn in the forests
and spread like water, quenching the drying leaves
that weep and weep for us

whatever you say
i pretend i believe it
if its only me or if you lie to everyone

i wish i could be your confident lover
but out of all of us nerds
im just another one

i like buying when i dont have any cash on me
you like to spend your dough
on whatever strikes your fancy
but share, share

oh, oh
dont spend your time with me
oh, oh, weve all gotta die someday

the girl you betray with every time you see
your money-earning friend who remains in secrecy

told me when she still lived in our area
that i should hope for some time in a future age

but what she didnt know at the time
couldve halped me wanna survive
and she might notve moved out of town,
but she did, shes gone now
Track Name: Make it Three
i tripped a little bit on the stairs just now
and i planned it to go to trendy arty undergound
and i feel like getting a little bit closer to the sun tonight
and youre thinkin the same plan could be right
the same plan could be right

symmetrical matching can only go so far
and bros before hos
goes out windows
before i even get to the door of the bar

from eight to two or three, im late
to a test in prehistory
watching = learning
borrowing = stealing
notching with burning= following not a real thing

so carry me to a chair
ill set up two green beds
i have a way to stare
i hope it works with two heads

make it three tonight

im gussying myself up
and hoping youre not a born-again christian

left my friends at a party
and i wish theyd all come along
and i wish the clarks
would shut up for 10 minutes
so i can finish this fucking song

with a free magic hat and
seeing cooper at a table
i think i am young and i am able
to come up with things better than this
but im not better than this
no i am not better than this
Track Name: Fortuna
im a button on her cap
im the soles of her shoes
deep in secret
private, private

im screwed, im screwed,
im screwed, im screwed,
im screwed, im screwed,
im screwed, im screwed.


hail mary full of grace
hail mary full of grace
Track Name: Media Ghost / Morning
the media ghost told me
that one day id be sleeping
on top of a boiling sea
subsisting on cardboard and trees

i should be singing now
the words that i wrote down
but i cant get their sounds
to come and .wav around

the internet ghost did say
that to star in my own one man play
is to kiss when your skin turns gray
in homes ill live in one day

the suns shine out from your face
and theres two of them

onto a planet where we wait
for a holy day
when eyes align

we orbit around the two of them

im harmless, dude,
like an armless dude,
i cant hurt you,
i cant hurt you!
Track Name: Family
sometimes i feel like your
whole organization is an empire
in our small town

is there some ancient citizen
buried under your house
deep in the ground

i often wonder if maybe
there is an odd chemical
in your supply of water

that makes all of you seem
like some kind of leaders
unpermissive daughter

your fashionable rebelliousness is a failure
erudite longings collapse under admittances
no one knows that you arent really that smart
but its too simple to read what the book youve written says

babies dont breathe
when you cut off the sleeve
and your shirts torn at the seams

your hair is entwined
with refugees from your mind
that escape when the sunlight beams

you can only ask
for the rulers next task
an hell clean up your mistakes

i just dont get
the rules that he sets
but i dont want the revenge he takes
Track Name: Doodles on Arm
here is a marker
i want you to draw on my arm

shade with blue
my crude pentagram
damning the inner
thin of my wrist

bless with a halo
the cubist profile
peeking forth
from my armhairs

im pleased to know that you can write
your name
in chinese characters

hey, your eyes are smiling suns
Track Name: Green Light
on the day you told me to leave, i left
i put on my nice shoes and a sunday vest
i dont think i loved you, but im sure i will
green light, green light, keep me still

from my window at night i can see the owls
why are they up there at this hour
i dont think im dreaming but i sure could use a pinch
green light, green light, its a sin

walk me to the river with chirpin birds all around
your legs and your arms and dead ones on the ground
they dont sing our song, no more, in this town
green light, green light, put me down

from the trail i can hear westover’s train
the ducks arent scared, but they smell rain
i dont think i loved you, but i sure never will again
green light, green light, keep me sane
Track Name: Sweet Glance
upon entering the hippest woman on earth
id feel sad, but i dont know why
quality dancepunk, quality dancepunk
i cant get what i want
id ruin this fragile skintone
and tear apart the lips of pittsburgh
Track Name: Broken Emery Board (Pt. 1)
you look so welcoming, so eager to please
with your terrycloth robe wrapped around your knees
and the shadows in your hairs curled under the fleece
you’re a cannibal lamb, but you voted for peace

i was born alone, ill die alone

knew you were a bad idea when i saw
you werent who i thought you were
ive never been sicker than i am right now,
but then again ive never been less unhappier
how would your best friend feel if she knew
would she hit you for every time you kiss
make us all guess through hinting quotes
that make my imagination come up with this:

"i was born alone, ill die alone"

were such good friend we can talk about anything
give me a single reason why i try to ruin everything
i love, i keep hurting you whenever we get close
but maybe its best if you wouldnt bring it up
Track Name: Throat Cancer and Diarrhea
who are these people
living in california?
whos that boy
who lives on the curve?
whats your business?
whos your partner?
where do i stand in
the naming of terms?

wonderin if your home
in your room all alone
wonderin if you can hear me
am i singin loud enough

your lips, your eyes, your hair
the frightening climb up the stair
are you even alone?
youve got better things to do

your car is fast, (but risks sound good to me)
yr seatbelts are strange
im growing confidence,
but it wont be the same

can you hear me over the drums?
Track Name: Is Claw School in your Future?
Track Name: Doors of the Church
what kind of seed did you plant in my head?
how did you do it, what time have you spent?
ill bet you lived with an old woman by a lake
she taught you her powers where you would be safe

how did you find out where i sleep?
did you follow the trail of blood
from your home to mine?

how did you know that i had been thinking of you?
ive gone out of my way to steer clear of you

i dont wanna leave a bad impression,
calling you on the night i decide to collapse
midnight confession before one last knot in the rope

my swingin feet feel like dancing on the night when we first met
i just wanted to call you to let you know not to be too upset
when you hear the chair fall and the rop snap tight, call the cops
911ll beat you hear if you obey all the stops

just dont show up in a pretty black dress
if you do dont cry, youll just make it worse
keep a straight face so no onell even know you brought tissues in your purse
its not your fault, no one will mind
my family wont know you so its ok to smile
just dont look back as you walk out the doors of the church
i wont forget you, even now
Track Name: Grand Mal
you are a bus to chicago
whose bathroom is crowded and damp
you stopped in youngstown ohio
and gave me a minor leg cramp

next stop, downtown cleveland
a break for an hour and a half
i hope we end up near a restaurant
with a cheerful and generous staff

chicago, i hope you are pretty,
decently priced, and clean
because one day i might commit to you
and turn dear morgantown green

feel like walkin in the wrong direction
round a blind corner with me
feel like breakin a brick on the sidewalk
when the fog is too thick to breathe

feel like shoving a carcass in the doorway,
whatever will stop the works
and keep the employees from doing their jobs
who knew this efficiencyd hurt?