The Hair on yr Head

by David F. Bello

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released January 1, 2006

Everything by David F. Bello, except where noted.



all rights reserved


David F. Bello New York

I sing for The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. This is my solo project.

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Track Name: My Own Hole
with the people who are still around you
youll adapt easily
trust me
trust me
trust me
trust me

i felt that way before
i felt that way last year
i felt
that way
when they
were going

its the little things
itll still be weird
youll find out
its just becoming better

i really did dig my own hole
but i can see the top
and im climbing out
im climbing out
Track Name: Shoulder
put your soft head on my shoulder
ive got to keep my eyes on the road, im numb
and youre all that i can feel
and youre all that i can feel

the wheels softly touch the shoulder
ive got both of my hands around you
its worth neglecting the wheel
its worth neglecting the wheel

i dont ever wanna leave
my seatbelts will hold
forever trapped in glass
my seatbelts will hold

any time now i can expect
that well drive right off the street
and into a tree-top
and into a tree-top

let me stay here forever
i dont need the jaws of life
to saw my feet off
to saw my feet off
Track Name: 180
if the world is burning down
thats fine, thats fine
if yr calling to cancel our plans
thats fine, thats fine

neighbors are cool

dont talk to my parents

the nautilus shell

neighbors are cool
if they dont talk to my parents

helictopters swarm

thats fine
Track Name: Our Lowest Ribs
i think i laughed harder than i
ever thought could be sincere
when i found she didnt know
that you had a lab of yr own

in the basement behind dark silver doors
attached by cords
to the computer upstairs
to control key pairs

the symptoms of being awake
leave no teeth buried
in the cave in my face
so the lion wont tear you apart
ill pay you enough
to buy a new heart
in a new place

when yr father was shot right in front
of yr best friends house
i think i cried when you
dropped me off at the telephone lines

i think i finally forgot abt 1999
and the good luck dark red wine
poured in the shower drain
and wasting such a great looking stain

and if we change our minds at just the right moments,
we can reenact what evolution set down in our lowest ribs!
the only difference lies in missing bone!
Track Name: Stretching to Day
the only thing keeping my head from exploding
after being shot with this gun that im loading
is the music that fills both my ears to their limits
and the sounds that complie the tune into its
polyrhythmic polymelodic
sporadic and episodic
moments of beauty that make life worth
those awful moments that truly truly hurt

its not convincing enough
i think ill take the easy way out

i hope that the future is nothing like right now
my fingers are blistering and my nails curl down
over my fingertips to tap on my eyelids
waking me up in the morning like aphids
on tomatoes and lettuce that grow in yr garden
where i steal all the fruit before surfaces harden
and make it impossible to break with my weak teeth
without losing them all before biting what i want to eat

its too hard to do the things
i need to pull off soon before i lose energy

and fall crashing into the roofs of the homes of
the grown-ups and families that interact without love
all of them adults whom i knew as children
when their hair was so dirty and faces so willing
would walk up to vans where candy was offered
and never be seen after promises honored
goodbye small babies, abortion survivors!
they live only to grow up to be liars

who steal from my house in the night
and tell me that they are my only escape

from the world that burns slowly and turns on its border
like tops that never stop. even after
the guns poke their foreheads into bedroom windows
and peek around smiling at potential widows
to witness the writhing that follows rejoicing
at parties where drinking brings all outside noise in
results in authorities breaking in bedrooms
to take husbands outside to be shot under the moon

line up all the wives in the night
and tell me who they are
so i can call out to them
as their families are burned in public
in the field!
in the night!
stretching to day
Track Name: Month
Track Name: Six Months
Track Name: Thinly Veiled
can you tell im just talking to make you laugh
and that im living from one sentence to the next
are you happy with how this is going
because im drowning in yr mystery

whoever owns the names you use
to speak to friends i cant earn or lose
obviously knows a thing i know
abt how to go abt speaking to you

inside jokes are nothing at all
except little tricks from up within my sleeves
its easier than giving you a call
because i dont have to plan a message to leave

confide in me yr secrets so deep
that they burrow out from underneath
their little legs are as sharp as knives
and theyre practiced in the art of taking lives

i lie when i say:
policemen they know more than me
and firefighters know less
i say arson isnt a felony
and there is no pain in my chest

hopefully i can make it the truth
when i tell you this is the last song
ill stop avoiding any mention of you
and ill keep my metaphors true

upon deciding to give up on all dreams
i see ive ruined em all on my own
if i ever sleep ill be dead
if only i could truly alone

if there was another soul to give me hope
id be able to forget there was another way
id be a machine with barely a single use
so keep quiet if you dont know what to say

if you tell a soul how ive made up my mind
to be rid of good, evil, and in between
youll have ruined my secret and damaged my find
just keep making a scene!

ive got no way to tell what i need to get out
innocent, unhurt, and unmarried
no eyes, no ears, no mind, no fears
make up my mind for me

is it still a crime if there is no victim
except for the perpetrator
i say we all have the right to hurt ourselves
even if the risk of dying is greater

she cant come back to me
sunce she never was that close
i miss the smile that closed her eyes
and the subtle way she wore her clothes

surprisingly i thought there may be hope
another surprise, i took a chance
of asking the questions i never got out
and ill rarely if ever use again

you pop yr head in for a quick hello
but im busy or at least pretending so
can you tell theres a look in my eyes
that you can never know

blue and grey and red and white
walking through town on a spring night
caffeine bubbles in my veins
theres a desire to fall from this height

her arms wrap around me when i fantasize
we live happy near blank homes
we dont have children but in the future we might
get a dog and feed him our bones

our skeletons will rest on mt. olivet
and at night our ghosts can walk free
to the school where we met
and stroll by the library

before we expire we can both retire
move away from the monument
to florida or paris or canada
or wherever judas was sent

i can see evidence of a possibility
that chances are never was real
shes just a trick of fate
a spin on a tired wheel

how did i miss a glance so quick
that it barely existed at all
ever since then ive been feeling sick
and im just so sick of it all
Track Name: Jealous Friend
im already in the seventh grade
and im the only kid who hasnt gotten laid
tonight, im lonely
because the girl i like doesnt like me

tonight, theres a dance in the gym
with a d.j. playing songs the kids suggested to him
the boys have taken off their ties
and the girls arent wearing any shoes

its time to send all the children home
to wait outside where a few boys have alcohol
and cigarettes that they dont know how to inhale
but its best because theyre so old theyre gotten stale

the backseat of yr brothers car
groping and hopeing to go all the way
with one hand touching her chest
and the other inside her dress

the way in the morning the winter air smells
the smile on yr face that tells
"how good life can be!
how so few of us can be happy!"
Track Name: The Mess you Call
do i care enough
to write a song abt
fucking you
or not fucking tonight
i dont remember
putting yr name in my phone
but i remember, i remember
the numbers you typed

fuck anyone who said a bad word
abt me and my friends today i think
theyre just trying to look like
they fit in to whatever bar theyve snuck
and fuck them for
writing on my hand
and fuck fuck fuck
my overuse of the word "fuck"

and if i win in the end
(ill call you)
and if i break into this land
(ill plant you)
and if you let me take yr leaves
(ill grow you)
and if you sleep around my hand
(ill keep you)

take the accent off the vowel
and put it between yr lips (cracked)
like a seedshell (cracked)
the liberty bell (cracked)

it seems the last 40 minutes
were spent leading up to this
i put my hand into the mess
you call the hair on yr head!
Track Name: Danger Danger
you hold me down
you hold me tight
you let me go
you know ill stay

maybe ill swim, maybe i wont
maybe ill drown, maybe ill float

maybe ill leave, maybe ill stay
maybe ill abandon you someday

maybe ill do it, as bad as it could be
maybe youll forgive whatever is wrong with me
Track Name: My Own Hole
with the people who are still around you
youll adapt easily
trust me
trust me
trust me
trust me

i felt that way before
i felt that way last year
i felt
that way
when they
were going

its the little things
itll still be weird
youll end up
just becoming better

i really did dig my own hole
but i can see the top
and im climbing out
im climbing out