Tall Tree

by David F. Bello

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released June 1, 2005

Everything by David F. Bello



all rights reserved


David F. Bello New York

I sing for The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. This is my solo project.

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Track Name: Terminate
im gonna drink until my brain cells
wont let me remember where i am
and who brought me here

and im gonna smoke enough drugs
to kill off every little memento
that you left between my ears

yr dead to me
an enemy
of all thats good on this earth
and if im alive
in 2029
ill send a robot back to prevent yr birth

and if i have to pull another dead body
out of a bathtub to remind me
of who you really want

and if i hear another song with the line
"you dont care about me"
then ill van gogh the birthmarked one
Track Name: Evil, the Lesser (The Vulgate)
what i see when my mind goes to sleep
is what my teacher told me to keep
for memorization, i should write a diary

what i remember doesnt match the things i know
but i swear to god if you tell me not to go
then ill stay here and feed you parts of me

when i say that everything you love is broken
when i say that everything you love is dead
when i shut up and realize that everything you love is breathing
when i breath and collapse will say come to my bed

i walk to the edge of the sea
and pull out the watch you gave to me
i wonder what happened to mine

when shes seeing you for that book she needs
i wonder when you think that i should leave
the only thing i care abt is time

everytime you look at that shirt
you think abt the stains that once were
and how the belt wrapped around my feet

i hope my comforter is clean
but theres nothing there that my friends havent seen
just think abt the words i love to repeat
Track Name: So Cool
satan is a woman with quick reflexes
shes easy and she loves you with high standards
the devil is the same, but a man whos real cool
he lives like a jackass, but he always wins

i think the only way to be different
is to act like yr better than everyone else

i feel just a little too normal
i think i should fuck myself up just a little bit
maybe ill start using heroin
or just carve a word into my forehead

i think the only way to be different
is to act better than everyone else

only the assholes win in the end
so theres no point in being good
i oughtta buy a house and move to OH
to get myself out of this bag, i know it would

im cured, im cured
this haircut and these clothes
the doctor that gave me this nose

im healed, im cured
the stitches hid in the seams
with my back facing the beams

im a new man
who is an old man
living in an old house
paying no rent
Track Name: Evil, the Greater (Faust Summons the Dressed Demon)
i wish you were here so i could
wrap my hands around yr neck
and drag my pick across the hole in yr body
w/ every strum i loosen the strings
that come from down yr head
to the bridge i pull out pins to free

all the notes the human ear can hear
bending and stretching to catch a tune
when yr lips are pursed in exit
i hear the song i wrote for you to sing

i wish you were here so i could
sing it straight into you
and mouth the words from w/in yr mouth
its coming, oh, so fast
i cant really write it down
but thank god its coming out

when the words form a paragraph
the telegraphs are beeping fast
yr heart will flutter until dawn
i hear the rhythm birthed into everyone

jesus blesses every
circle drawn in diagram
w/ a star for sin drawn upside down
and w/ this pentagram
i call the hell i suffer w/
in this world remain in thorned crown

goodbye to all the world
i drown myself in chicken blood
in tubs of golden seams
yr hair is clogging, helping
drowning with the stench of death
as i break the border with my team
Track Name: Big News for the Birdwatchers
we bought a parrot at the smelly pet store
you laughed when i taught it to call you a whore
in the park we threw bread at pigeons
but the zoo binocular vision, it wins

big news for the birdwatchers
natural selection is speeding up
yr show is going off the air
where my birdfeeder was is a bugzapper

in the winter i threw rocks at the crows
in the springtime i stepped on sparrows
in the sumemr i strangled hummingbirds
in the fall i ate frozen turkey dinners

big news for the birdwatchers
im goin hunting tomorrow morning
yr show is going off the air
there are razors mixed in w/ my birdseed

two broken wings and half of a beak
have been decaying in my basement for over a week
cages filled w/ oily rags
matches and old papers, moist miniature gags

big news for the birdwatchers
yr show is going off the air
there are razors
Track Name: Home Away from Home (Pt. 1)
i walk past the home of the midget hawaiian
past the hall where i learned all abt the cardiff giant
the house where i puked all over the bathroom
and got the number of a girl named catherine
i regret never calling after i left her
it was probably the best chance for sex
last semester

i walk through the shortcut b/w the two boremans
the spot where someone puked a few weeks back
the stain is still there rotting on the pavement
trailing off right down a little crack
i stare at the steeple of the church steps i sat on
when i needed a little rest late at night after drinking
last semester
Track Name: Future Reference
what a night for this
on the bedside in b/w
the glowing t.v. spit
and a rubbed cloth handled teen

sinus acid breath
hiding stalling size
whisper is all she says
but the hair is behind her eyes

the ancient blood in yr veins
it warms me more than grain
and the water that flows down the cliffs
where yr ancestors lived
its hot and it burns
it flows around every turn
it makes me wanna send letters to foreign lands

although there plenty worse than that
it still feels a little bad
to need a cure that
hasnt been invented yet

why complain whats the deal?
my teachers taught me better
than to see and forget what i steal
but keep the words w/ me forever
Track Name: In the Songs I Wrote
we can laugh now
that we mock everything
we can drink so much
that we pretend we can sing

all the songs i wrote
when i still lvoed you

i still sing them
whenever i feel sad
i still play them for you
just to make you mad

and they mean just as much
as they did when i still felt

how i said i felt
when i sang yr name
in the songs i wrote

i forget now
of how you twisted me
into a
ball of rotten meat

that lived on the bottom of yr fridge
and slept whenever youd awake

like i drifted off and then awoke
just as i sang yr name
in the songs i wrote

la la la
la la la
la la la
la la la

dont come back, dont crawl back to me

i miss you but yr not worth the pain
i feel when i sing yr name
in the songs i wrote
Track Name: The Goldest Wire
if yr hair touches my fingers one more time
i swear ill become king midas
and youll become a statue

of the goldest wire
that sri lanka can pour
from its dirtiest shore

the workers dig until their hands and feet
are cracked and raw and sore
to find treasures like these

they go blind from the dust
settled on and kicked up
from its dirtiest shore
Track Name: Burning Envelope
w/ hair that reflects the white moonlight
cant you see its you im living for
w/ eyes like miniature stars
and a mind full of cheap cliched metaphors

who are you pining after now
a singer, actor, killer, or celebrity
or a guy w/ a car and a lot of friends
who have fake i.d.'s and love to party

make yrself some food and leave the light on for me
i wont get out of bed until late
leave me a note abt how you slept last night
and abt the dreams you had abt fate

the grim reaper was less than a foot behind you
but you woke up just in time to see me
coming to bed w/ spilled alcohol
and ink all over my jeans

my hands are coverd in unwritten words
discarded on the impotent path
to find a way to describe you
w/o engaging yr wrath

all i could get was the sound of a bird
and an empty jar w/ no smell
a stinking shard of folded paper
a letter that said what the hell
Track Name: The Sawdust
todays a great day for a trip to SC
well stay awake in the rain beating the shit out of each other
and when the day breaks well still be in the finer
parts of the nation w/ the car that you flipped over

on the sunday when the skateboard fell on gravel
you broke yr collarbone, but didnt tell the doctor
b/c you know his evil has come unraveled
he put the dog to sleep the last time that you walked her

every wishing cowboys death
every dying cowboys wish
will come true and hell be born
back into the child he is

the only comfort for a crying girl is drinking
so slip a roofie into every towns water
but dont touch anyone, i dont know what you were thinking
let them sleep and dont disturb yr neighbors daughter

falling over w/ bottle-handed duct tape
you called yr mother and sobbed apologetic
but youve failed in all regards and there is only one escape
to throw away all ties to anything genetic

every insecurity ive ever held in my heart
is coming back right now when all is going greatly
yr hands are the only things keeping me from fallin apart
but anyway theyre the only things that ive been feelin lately

finally im seein that the highs were really the lows
and its only now that i consciously have caught up
but it only occurs to me when my eyes are closed
b/c when i open them they get hit w/ the sawdust!
Track Name: All That's Good on this Earth
Track Name: How God Feels
no one does anything good ever
and the truth is something we gave up years ago
when we still had a king and water was still safe to drink
our children were still young and they didnt know
ive been outside all day watching strangers
the sunburn on my neck is turning me red
i cant tell which would be the worse to look at
godfather three or the haircut on yr head

is this how all of us act
is this how we are
is this what weve become
is this who we are

the bottom of the gas tank is seeing daylight
and the meter is shaking w/ doubt
that this carll be able to carry us anywhere
let alone carry the nine of us out
the trunk isnt big enough for sleeping
and yr rent was due three years ago
yr parents havent loved you since the 8th grade
and youd rather that they just didnt know

that oou can make friends like these
who are this irresponsible
enough to leave you out here all alone
w/ the woman who just called the constable

spending a night in the local county jail
isnt the worst thing thats ever happened
but yr father yelled like his mouth was dying
it was the loudest he has ever been
you cried and you begged for his forgiveness
but he sighed and he lied to you again
"i love you and i dont want you to die"
but in his head he was praying for god to send

an angel of death to take his little girl
who just didnt seem so fucking little anymore
and erase the memories of his good time friends
who work as clerks in the police force

the municipal garden borders the municipal pool
where the urine sits in warm sun all day
babies squeal w/ laughter while their parents are at work
its the lifegaurds job to take their child away
at their desks they sit there scribbling memos that dont say
how they really feel abt having a family
praying that while the lifegaurd flirts w/ his high school romance
his little junior pops a hole in his floaty

and swims just a foot too deep
in the wrong end of the pool
while its adult swim
two weeks before the beginning of school
Track Name: Plastics
i wanna shake this town like a disease
but let a few symptoms remain
i dont mind the headaches and ive grown to like
the taste of acid rain

the water tastes like medicine
and the medicine tastes like dirt
i know that its supposed to be helping
but is it supposed to hurt

treatments have gone on since the plants set up in town
families have all withered away
their graves are covered in dust from the winds
that blow leaves where our children play

my heart slows down and it skips a beat
when we drive by the factories
the roads may be new, but were too poor to sue
our taxes pave roads for s.u.v.s

i might miss this place once the forests are displaced
and the farmers are all broke
trees are only stumps that arent useful anymore
history in an antique store
Track Name: Home Close to Home (Pt. 2)
you remind me of the girl in the dream
i had on the night i turned thirteen
you floated up from the edge of the sea
w/ clams all covering yr feet

leaves clung fast to yr skin
the forests mouth welcomed you in
as you fell to every earthly sin
adapting outside of the ocean

crudely breaking every rule
yr fathers taught to you
cutting yrself in the bathroom
and making all yr sisters turn to the spoon

following the path of beaten birds
sprinkling their feathers on worlds
planets far away and w/o words
you crashed across a valley filled w/ herds

you walked away w/o a scratch
and the numbers formed a pattern we call math
beauty came from impurities in that
covering yr head like a child's hat

i ride past where i almost got in a car wreck
a drunken night pretending i was a redneck
where i stupidly hit on a good friends sister
and the neighborhood where her young boyfriend hit her
and i remember a girl who cried on every prom night
and the tall tree i pissed on out of spite
back in parkersburg